James Calkins

Regulatory Affairs Manager, Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association (MNLA) & Research Information Director, MNLA Foundation

As a professional member and a staff member of the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association (MNLA), Jim's interests in terrestrial invasive species are directly related to the potential impacts of invasive species on the green industry and the MNLA's support of efforts to limit the environmental impacts of invasive species and restrictions on plants that can have negative environmental impacts and its commitment to educate its members and the landscaping public about the appropriate use of landscape plants and the threat of invasive species. 


The MNLA has been actively engaged with invasive species prevention and management issues since 1998, has endorsed the Invasive Species Code of Conduct for Nursery Professionals (2002), and continues its commitment to the scientific  screening of plants for invasive tendencies and the management of species determined to be invasive.

In this regard, Jim serves on the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, Noxious Weed Advisory Committee (NWAC; 2009-present) and its Listing and Policy & Management Subcommittees, and before that served on the Noxious Weed Potential Evaluation Committee (NWPEC; 1998-2007) which developed the Plant Risk Assessment & Management Protocol for Minnesota which is the risk assessment tool used to evaluate the risks associated with non-native, terrestrial plant species and the regulation and management of species documented as being harmful or potentially harmful in Minnesota (native and non-native). 

Jim also represents the MNLA on the Minnesota Invasive Species Advisory Council (MISAC).  As a landscape and nursery production horticulturist, landscape designer and horticultural consultant, and life-long nature enthusiast and outdoorsman, Jim's interests in sustainable landscapes, native ecosystems, and invasive species prevention and management have been long-term commitments.