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August 2021

  • Upcoming Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR) meeting on recommendations for projects to support through the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund
  • Hutchison named 2021 Fellow of the Entomological Society of America
  • Upcoming events and recently published research
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July 2021

  • Details on new funding from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund 
  • Rolling out accessible, inclusive common species names across communication platforms
  • Recently published research on spotted-wing drosophila, prairie restoration, targeted livestock grazing, ranking top threats to Minnesota's ecosystems, and mountain pine beetle
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June 2021

  • $5 million in funding awarded to MITPPC from the Minnesota legislature

May 2021

  • Awaiting the omnibus environment bill funding outcome
  • Recently published research on soybean aphids, reed canary grass, eastern spruce dwarf mistletoe, and Palmer amaranth
  • Media appearances in Wisconsin Public Radio, KSTP TV Channel 5 news, and the Star Tribune
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April 2021

  • New genetic test for Palmer Amaranth
  • Control options for Spotted Wing Drosophila
  • Submit your terrestrial invasive species of concern
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March 2021

  • Letter from the Director
  • Controlling emerald ash borer
  • Spotting and preventing oak wilt 

February 2021

  • Findings from recently completed projects
  • Tracking tar spot: Protecting Minnesota's corn
  • Become a Pesky Plant Tracker

January 2021

  • Announcing three new research projects
  • Legislative update
  • Update on emerald ash borer research 

December 2020

  • Five years of terrestrial invasive species research
  • Highlights from agriculture and natural resources 
  • What we're excited about for the future 

November 2020

  • Lessons Learned at UMISC 2020
  • Become a Pesky Plant Tracker
  • Phenology of biocontrol agents for invasive species

October 2020

  • New MITPPC StoryMap
  • Identify Plant Diseases from Home
  • MITPPC Publication Roundup

July 2020

  • Meet the Researcher: Global Edition
  • Invasive Pests to Watch Out for in Your Garden
  • MITPPC Citizen Science Projects Featured on Grow with KARE

June 2020

  • Research Updates: COVID-19
  • Which invasive species are in your county?
  • MITPPC research featured at SciPride event

May 2020

  • 2020 Species Prioritization White Paper now available
  • New program enlisting citizen scientists to help track wild parsnip, Japanese knotweed
  • MITPPC investigator receives high honors for work in forest ecology
  • MITPPC research featured in Washington Post and BBC

April 2020

  • Socially Distant Science: How Researchers are Working through COVID-19
  • Protecting Urban Forests with "Herd Immunity" from Invasive Pests
  • How Fungi Could Help Prevent Emerald Ash Borer in Minnesota

February 2020

  • Protecting Minnesota's natural resources from terrestrial invasive species
  • Stopping the brown marmorated stink bug
  • Predicting the future risk of invasive weeds in Minnesota

January 2020

  • Sneak Peak: Mapping Phragmites in Minnesota
  • New research reveals drones can help growers scout for soybean aphids
  • On the road with invasive species researchers
  • MITPPC experts leading the way on EAB

November 2019

  • Announcing 12 new research projects 
  • MITPPC research in the news
  • Research Spotlight: Lodgepole Pine Dwarf Mistletoe

October 2019

  • Invasive species: Halloween edition
  • MITPPC Research Featured in Star Tribune
  • Research Spotlight: Rapid, In-Field Diagnosis

September 2019

  • Saving America's Tree from Oak Wilt
  • Five Ways Researchers are Using Drones to Stop Invasive Species
  • Meet Plant Physiology Post-Doc Gerard Sapés

August 2019

  • Research Spotlight: Soybean Aphids
  • Meet Citizen Science Program Coordinator Lori Knosalla
  • Research Roundup: MITPPC-Funded Publications

July 2019

  • Research Spotlight: Buckthorn
  • New models predict biocontrol effect of soybean-aphid-parasitizing wasp
  • Meet Palmer amaranth researcher Anthony Brusa

June 2019

  • Buckthorn project enlisting help of citizen scientists across Minnesota
  • Research Spotlight: Japanese Knotweed
  • Research allows new insights into national Lymantria dispar regulatory practices

March 2019

  • MITPPC research suggests risk for northward expansion of Palmer amaranth in US
  • Newest MITPPC project will bring invasive species prediction into high-resolution view
  • Research Spotlight: Garlic Mustard Biocontrol

February 2019

  • Palmer Summit draws experts from across Midwest
  • MITPPC director earns media spotlight for emerald ash borer cold tolerance research
  • MITPPC-funded researchers speak to MN House about warming climate