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The purpose of the Minnesota Invasive Terrestrial Plants & Pests Center is to identify and fund promising lines of research to protect Minnesota's natural and agricultural resources. We invite eligible University of Minnesota faculty statewide to submit to our annual RFP funding process. We especially encourage cross-disciplinary and cross-sector collaborations in alignment with MITPPC research priorities, outlined below.

2022 Request for Proposals

The Minnesota Invasive Terrestrial Plants and Pests Center RFP pre-proposal submission period is currently open through April 29, 2022.

All applications will be submitted online through a comprehensive grant management portal.

For troubleshooting of the new online grant management portal, please contact Associate Director Heather Koop: [email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions

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What priorities determine funding?

Pre-proposals should directly address one or more high-priority invasive terrestrial species AND one or more research themes identified by the MITPPC’s prioritization process. The following research themes are outlined fully in the RFP document:

  1. Detection and distribution of invasive terrestrial species
  2. Response of invasive terrestrial species to future conditions
  3. Effectiveness of management alternatives for invasive terrestrial species
  4. Human dimensions of priority invasive species issues

Projects that are primarily educational will not be funded by the MITPPC, but individuals supported by the MITPPC are expected to engage in outreach and education.

Who is eligible?

Faculty, staff, and postdocs with the authority to serve as principal investigators at all University of Minnesota campuses and Research and Outreach Centers are invited to submit pre-proposals.

Multidisciplinary projects are strongly encouraged but not required. Researchers or managers from other academic, governmental, or private institutions are strongly encouraged to serve as cooperators. Proposals should include one or more implementation partners (i.e., representatives of organizations who are likely to use results from the project).

How much funding is available?

A single pre-proposal may request up to $150,000 per year for a maximum of four years.

Up to $5 million will be allocated to new or continuing projects under this request for pre-proposals. Funding is primarily to support graduate students and postdocs. Capital requests are not eligible. Funding began in January 2023.

What are the application deadlines?

Submissions must be received by April 29, 2022 at 4:30 PM (CST).

Pre-proposals must be submitted electronically through the MITPPC online grant management portal, is available at

Principal investigators will receive confirmation when their pre-proposal is received.

Highly-rated pre-proposals will be asked to submit a full proposal, which will be externally reviewed during the summer of 2022.

How should I format academic citations?

Who can I contact with questions?

Program and scientific questions should be directed to Dr. Robert Venette, Director, MITPPC, [email protected]; 612-301-1405.

Administrative questions and troubleshooting questions about the online grant portal system should be directed to Heather Koop, Associate Director, MITPPC, [email protected]; 612-626-1914.