Morey joins board of directors at NAISMA


Amy Morey

The appointment brings MITPPC's outcome-oriented research to continental-scale efforts to improve invasive species management and outreach.

November 17, 2021

by CAROLYN BERNHARDT | MITPPC communications specialist

Amy Morey, PhD, a research associate at the Minnesota Invasive Terrestrial Plants and Pests Center (MITPPC), joined the board of directors at North American Invasive Species Management Association (NAISMA) this fall. Morey’s research expertise in invasion biology and pest management, and her work with MITPPC make her uniquely positioned to succeed in a leadership role with NAISMA. 

NAISMA’s mission is to support, promote, and empower invasive species prevention and management in North America. The organization strives to ensure representation on its board and in its offerings that apply to contexts across North America. NAISMA offers outreach opportunities for non-expert audiences, professional development opportunities and resources for professionals focused on invasive species management and research, and advocates for invasive species management cooperation among state, municipal, federal, and international governmental bodies. 

NAISMA has a board of 15 members who each serve 3-year terms. Morey is one of three new members rotating on the board. Board members are responsible for assisting with general oversight and offering guidance on NAISMA’s operation. They also serve on committees that are rooted in helping NAISMA meet its mission in various capacities. Morey’s appointment with NAISMA represents a new channel for bridging MITPPC’s world-class research and land managers, an essential tenant of MITPPC’s mission.  

Morey is deeply invested in invasive species management and is excited about the opportunities this new appointment offers her both professionally and personally. “Making sure research is relevant to folks outside of science is really important to me,” Morey says. “NAISMA is very committed to getting tools and information to people who are doing the prevention and management work on the ground, so I’m excited to work with NAISMA to strengthen bridges between research and useful management.”

There are 10 committees at NAISMA. Morey will serve on the standards and technology committee, which offers guidance and recommendations to the management community related to tools and technologies used for early detection and rapid response of invasive species. Morey currently leads the species prioritization and assessment process at the MITPPC, lending her expertise to an important effort that guides the research MITPPC invests in. 

“NAISMA's board members are selected by vote at the Annual General Meeting every year,” says Belle Bergner, Executive Director of NAISMA. “We strive to have board member representation from as broad a geographic range in North America as possible. Minnesota has been a key state in guiding NAISMA's efforts for many years and Amy's expertise and connections in Minnesota will help us to better support on-the-ground land and water resource managers.”

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